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Hairpins Roan Tiger

Hairpin Roan Tiger

2002 Stallion

HAIRPIN ROAN TIGER was a featured stallion in the Leachman Hairpin Cavvy sale in 2004. We purchased him as a two year old for $11,200. We rode “Tig”, as we call him, for four years before an injury brought his saddle horse days to an end. He is still sound enough to breed mares, and for that we are grateful. “Tig” produces big, stout, good-minded babies. The “Tig” colts mature with lots of foot and bone, and great backs as well. One thing we hear over and over is how trainable and quiet “Tig’s” sons and daughters are. Of course this comes as no surprise to us because we have rode a lot of them. As more and more Hairpin Roan Tiger colts spread throughout the west, his reputation continues to grow. Hairpin Roan Tiger has made a name for himself among the elite ranch horse sires on the west coast. 16.0 hands, 1400 lbs.