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High Desert Quarter Horses was started in 2004 with one focus…….to breed big, stout, ranch horses with good minds, feet, backs and withers.  We’ve focused heavily on the King Fritz horses in our mare line and we probably have as many King Fritz bred horses as anyone in the country.  Our home ranch is located at 4500’ elevation in Izee, OR which is located between Burns and John Day.  The country is rough, steep and sits on the northern edge of the Great Basin.  Our mares and foals run out in big pastures and the foals learn early in life how to run through the rocks, cross water and stay alive.  You won’t find 14 hand horses that wear a 00 shoe at High Desert Quarter Horses.  We like big horses that are athletic and can last for many years with lots of use. Our ranching operation spans 75,000 acres and much of it is only accessible horseback.  We ride many miles every year and use our horses all the time.  We know what we are breeding because we’ve been using them for many years.  Our horses are marketed annually through our production sale which is always the second Saturday in July.  We’ve had many repeat customers over the years.  Once you purchase a horse from our program you will understand why! 


11th Annual Production Sale

July 13, 2024 

Preview Horses:  11:00 am                   Sale Starts:  2:00 pm

Redmond, Oregon

35 Head Sell


See High Desert Mares Running in.

Plan to come for our July 13, 2024 

Ranch Quarter Horse Sale in Redmond, Oregon!